Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smoke and Mirrors

[Below, link to a second review by Brad Bynum in the Reno News & Review of an artist featured in CCAI's upcoming June 2009 "Grad Night" exhibition project.]

Smoke and mirrors
Jeff Erickson

By Brad Bynum

"Just four days before the opening of his exhibit Western Star in the Sheppard Gallery, Jeff Erickson was still making decisions about his installation. This wasn’t indecision—it was part of the creative process. When artists who work in traditional media—like, say, oil paints—install their work in a gallery, their primary concern is to display their artwork in a representative manner. But for a site-specific artist like Erickson, the installation process is the artwork."


[Photo from Reno New & Review. Caption: "Jeff Erickson, with reflection, during the installation of Western Star." Photo by Brad Bynum."]

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