Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bastille Day: le jour de gloire est arrivé

"The Storming of the Bastille in Paris occurred on 14 July, 1789. The medieval fortress and prison in Paris known as the Bastille represented royal authority in the center of Paris. While the prison only contained seven prisoners at the time of its storming, its fall was the flashpoint of the French Revolution, and it subsequently became an icon of the French Republic. In France, Le quatorze juillet (14 July) is a public holiday, formally known as the Fête de la Fédération (Federation Holiday). It is usually called Bastille Day in English."

Below are two versions of la Marseillaiese, each fierce in their own way. CCAI wishes everyone a Happy Bastille Day!

La Marseillaise - Serge Gainsbourg

La Marseillaise - Mireille Matthieu

[Text from Wikipedia. Graphic from Google image search for "storming of the Bastille."]

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