Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Honoring the Horse"

"Handler caring for Gene Autry's horse, Champion"

"Honoring the Horse"

Matthewson-IGT Knowledge Center
University of Nevada Reno
1664 N Virginia Street

"The “Honoring the Horse” exhibit will not only include “glamour shots” and posters of horses from the movies, but will also highlight the major roles that horses have played in Nevada’s mining, farming, ranching, transportation and tourism industries. Additionally, it will illustrate the sometimes-conflicting interests and views surrounding the treatment and desired fate of Nevada’s wild horses.
Materials on display will include film and audio recordings of Reno’s Wild Horse Annie (Velma Johnson), who successfully advocated for passage of the first federal legislation protecting wild horses and burros from inhumane treatment. This September marks the 51st anniversary of the passage of the Wild Horse Annie Act. Helping Annie to make her case in Washington D.C. were Gus Bundy’s powerful photos of wild horse round-ups, which will alsobe featured at the exhibit."
Through March, 2011

[Text and graphics from Knowledge Center blog.]

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