Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Humanus Natura | Deana Hoover

Backseat Gallery
Comma Coffee

312 So. Carson Street
Carson City

Deana Hoover
Humanus Natura

The exhibition features both humans and animals in close up and dramatic views that allow the observer to consider the innate fact that humans are an integral part of nature.

The artist comments:
“No matter how much, as humans, we often want to declare ourselves separate from the world around us it will never be so. We can build more advanced technology and increase our scientific understanding every day. None of that changes the fact that humans are as much a part of nature as the birds, trees, and even the rocks.”

“Art has a wonderful way of opening the eyes of the artist. It’s as if a light turns on and the world becomes clear for the first time with colors and vibrancy everywhere."

[Text and graphic from cafe website. Caption: "Peacock - Oil on Wood Panel 13.5"X13.5"]

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