Thursday, April 29, 2010

CFP: Off the Strip

Contemporary Arts Collective
at the Arts Factory
101 East Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas

Call for Proposals: Off The Strip

"The Contemporary Arts Center is currently accepting submissions for “Off The Strip,” a 4-day new genres art festival held in Las Vegas from October 14-17th, 2010.

The CAC seeks submissions for performance, media, and digital works, including installations. "Off the Strip" will take place at multiple venues including the CAC gallery, an alternative theater space, a sci-fi center located in Commercial Center (one of Las Vegas' first "strip malls"), and the showroom of the Aruba Hotel's Thunderbird Lounge in downtown Las Vegas."

Postmark Deadline: June 1
Email Deadline: June 7
NB: There is a $10. entry fee per proposal.


[Text from CAC website. Graphic from Google Image search for 'Aruba Hotel Thunderbird Lounge.' Thanks to JV at the C of LV for her cultural animation efforts!]

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