Monday, May 31, 2010

New York New York [so good you have to say it twice!]

Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery
Church Fine Arts Building
University of Nevada, Reno

Wednesday June 2 | 5-7 pm:
New York #$%&ing City!

"A collaborative installation, featuring works in a diversity of media from painting to video to sound performance are to be on view in the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery by the students recently returned from a one week intensive exploration of the NYC art world!

From May 17th through May 24th Associate Professor Joseph DeLappe* travelled to New York City with 14 art majors for a summer mini-session course. The trip was focused on an intensive, on the ground experience of the NYC art world, visiting major museums, independent galleries, meeting with curators, artists and attending several high-profile openings. As part of the course, each student was encouraged to photograph, video or otherwise explore/document the city as a creative artist with the intention of creating new works upon their return to Reno. After returning to Reno, each student has worked independently or in collaborations to fashion a work or works inspired by their travels."

Jessie Gray
Chantelle Sousa
Travis Archibald
Clint Sleeper
Jennifer Turner
Alana Berglund
Megan Mathers
Charli West
Kelsey Sweet
Jaclyn Prescott
Seth Mach
Abby Burns
Jeremy Bryan
Michael Livernash

[Text and graphic from Facebook Event page. Click on image to enlarge.

* A presentation by Professor DeLappe was a featured part of the 2009-2010 edition of CCAI's signature project "Nevada Neighbors."]

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