Thursday, June 03, 2010

Futbol Day in Los Angeles

[CCAI extends best wishes to Outpost for Contemporary Art and its brilliant director Julie Deamer, 2004 Nevada Neighbors alum - "Nevada Neighbors V: "Los Angeles Arts on the Global Stage" - on its World Cup project.]

Outpost for Contemporary Art
1268 N. Ave 50
Los Angeles, CA

Outpost Cup

ON June 6, 2010, Outpost will host the Outpost Cup to launch its new South American initiative and to bring the community together for a day full of soccer, art, music, food and fun.

Taking place one week prior to the World Cup, the Outpost Cup soccer tournament will encourage local artists, art fans, families, college students and soccer players to bring their creative and athletic talents to the field.

Tournament Structure
* 8 players vs. 8 players.
* Games will be played on both halves of the field, simultaneously.
* Games will be 30 minutes long with no halves.
* Teams will be scheduled to play 3 games each during the day
* The day will end with a championship game in the “competitive division.”
* The Outpost Cup Championship Trophy will be a one-of-a-kind artist-made masterpiece!

South American Artist Residency Cycle
Devoted to building bridges between our local community and the larger global landscape, Outpost’s next residency cycle will bring six South American artists and artist teams to Los Angeles over a period of two years to produce City-based projects fueled by the artists’ extended presence in our community.

[Text and graphic from Outpost.]

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