Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Venus of Nevada

Goldwell Open Air Museum
'near' Rhyolite, Nevada *

Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada
Sculpture by Dr. Hugo Heyrman, 1992

"Art helps the re-experiencing of forgotten things,” says Belgian artist Dr. Hugo, creator of 'Lady Desert.' Using cinderblocks to represent in real 3-D sculpture the pixels he uses in his virtual 2-D computer work, Dr. Hugo has created a sculpture which at once refers back to classical Greek sculpture while maintaining a firm presence in the highly technological/pixilated world of the 21st century."

* The Goldwell Open Air Museum is located near the ghost town of Rhyolite and the mining town of Beatty. It is approximately 4 miles west of Beatty off of State Highway 374, the road that leads to Death Valley, California. Beatty Nevada is 115 miles north of Las Vegas on Highway 95.

[Information from museum website. Graphic from Google image search for 'Lady Desert'.]

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