Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mark NeuCollins: "a thousand ways ...."

a thousand ways . . . .

at the
Saint Mary's Art Center
55 North R Street
Virginia City

CCAI invites you to visit the Mark NeuCollins' residency exhibition at St. Mary's Art Center [SMAC] in Virginia City. Each spring, CCAI collaborates with SMAC to produce a two-week artist residency and exhibition. This year CCAI and SMAC hosted Mark NeuCollins from the Iowa heartland to experience life and art-making on the Comstock. Katie Grace McGowan wrote the exhibition essay "An Exquisite Balance" available in the gallery and soon online. The exhibition is open to the public Friday - Sunday, 11am - 4pm, through June 26.

NeuCollins' installation uses local natural materials, with a large earth mandala on the floor forming the centerpiece created from Virginia City's vivid native soils. Hanging paper made from sage brush and a gate made from branches adds to the sense of transition and ephemerality. NeuCollins said about the exhibition, "This is a meditation on the environment and our existence within it. By gathering local materials and making these materials the focus of the installation, I hope to create a sense of reverence for the beauty that surrounds us every day."

[exhibition photography by CCAI]

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