Monday, August 06, 2007

This is What I See (near, yet far away)

Sierra Arts
Northwest Reno Library Gallery
Carol Brown: This is What I See (near, yet far away)

"... a collection of prints from sketches made aboard an airplane during a flight over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The exhibition also features a collection of collagraphs, monotypes and Japanese woodblock prints celebrating the orchid, inspired by a show at the New York City Botanical Gardens. "Creating delicate orchid prints from images carved in wood is a challenge," says Brown. "Japanese woodblock printing, for me, is to capture the 'essence' of an image."

Carol Brown is a member of Printmakers' Conspiracy of Northern Nevada, a group of local printmakers seeking to expand the audience for fine art printmaking by increasing public awareness of the historical traditions and contemporary techniques of the art. The prints being exhibited result from funding provided by a pair of Jackpot art grants from the Nevada Arts Council."

[image from Sierra Arts Web site]

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