Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Caribbean Literature and Environment Conference

Wednesday, November 17 | 6 pm-10 pm

University of Nevada Reno

Frandsen Humanities|Room 106
1664 N. Virginia Street

Caribbean Literature and Environment Conference
"Free Up De Lan: Language and Landscape in Caribbean Literature"

Discussing the rich literary narrative traditions of Caribbean writers helps promote ecological awareness. Exploring Caribbean voices brings a deeper understanding of how we as human beings are connected to the earth, and fosters appreciation of our global environment.

Speakers include:

Kyle Bladow
Jessica Fanaselle
Sylvan Goldberg
Jacob Harmon
Talley Kayser
Will Lombardi
Brenna Rose
Derya Sahingil
Tamara Turnbeaugh

For more information, contact Professor Erin James at: erinjames at unr dot edu

[Information and graphic from the English Department at University of Nevada Reno. Click on image to enlarge.]

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