Friday, November 26, 2010

New Ground at Stremmel Gallery

December 2 – 31,
Reception: Thursday, Dec. 2, 5:30 – 7:30 pm.
Open to the public.

Stremmel Gallery
1400 South Virginia Street

Len Chmiel has been described as an “iconoclast” whose paintings have been praised by critics as "compelling" and “deft responses to intimate vignettes.” His rich use of pigment in the shadows of his subject matter display an acute attention to color and movement released through forms. In his studio in western Colorado, Chmiel works to capture the beauty of the outdoors, where he frequently hunts and gardens.

Montana painter Dale Livezey is a poet of dusk and daybreak, working exclusively in oils. He has always been drawn to swiftly changing light and the intensities of color inspired by early morning or afternoon radiance. Livezey’s paintings speak directly to the memories of places and the feelings that these particular places evoke. His works have appeared on several book covers, including A.B.
Guthrie's The Big Sky.

Charles Reid is an international artist, teacher and author known for his beautiful, clean use of color and ability to capture light. His water colors and oils expresses freshness and spontaneity, immediately grabbing the senses and allowing entry into charming worlds inspired by the allure of Connecticut living.

Energized by the vibrant hills, valleys and mountains of southern California, James Shay evokes western American landscapes using simple shapes, forms and strong color, representing something of the sensuality within our natural world. He layers and scrapes the surfaces of the work to achieve a sense of time's passage with ample visual brilliance.

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