Thursday, May 14, 2009

stop n glow

Trifecta Gallery
[in the Arts Factory]
103 E. Charleston #108
Las Vegas, NV 89104

stop n glow

Catherine Borg
Todd Vonbastiaans
Evan Dent
Stephan Hendee
Brian Porray
Sean Russell
Danielle Kelly

through May 29

"The RTC [Regional Transportation Commission], City of Las Vegas and Clark County, worked with local artists to add artistic enhancements to the new ACE rapid transit shelter windscreens at seven locations. Their imagery evokes ideas about Las Vegas history and iconography. TRIFECTA is exhibiting the current works from these artists in order to show the development in the studio since the beginning of the Stop n Glow Bus Shelter Project. In tandem, the Stop n Glow exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center shows the process on how an artists work can translate into public art projects."

[text and graphic from Trifecta website. Caption: Brian Porray. l-r: I have Nothing But Attention When I Scream; sold; Heavy Rotation; Can't Feel A Thing. 97" x 8." oil on canvas." Click on image to enlarge.]

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