Monday, May 11, 2009

Tia Flores - Pyrographic Calabaza

Legislative eXhibition Series

Legislative Building
401 South Carson Street
Carson City

Tia Flores
"Pyrographic Calabaza"

Reno artist Tia Flores Flores was spurred by a desire to know more about her ancestors, and her creations have evolved into culturally-themed works including vessels, drums, masks and jewelry. Her designs are a reflection of her two families. From her mother's mother, she is greatly influenced by the harsh beauty of the Nevada desert. From her father's mother, she is drawn to the rich cultures of the Aztec and Navajo people. With an emphasis on pyrography (wood-burning), her intricate designs can be found on gourds, vessels, drums, masks, totems and jewelry.

LXs is sponsored by the Nevada Arts Council.

[Text and graphic from Department of Cultural Affairs web site. Caption: "Tia Fores, "Papalotl" (Monarch Butterfly), Sculpted Pyrographic Gourd."]

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