Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sierra Arts Grant Awards

"This year the Sierra Arts Foundation bestowed $20,000 to 25 artists. The work of more than 115 artists, performers, and writers received careful consideration by the review committee. After several days of discussion, panelists unanimously agreed on this year’s grant recipients.

SAF has provided Endowment Fund Grants to visual, performing and literary artists working in northern Nevada to encourage personal artistic growth in professionals and students since 1986. Awards are merit-based and free of restrictions.

The 2009 Robert Gorrell Literary Award recognizing emerging writers of exceptional talent goes to Erin Granat, who also received an honorable mention in the literary professional grant category. Robert Gorrell, an emeritus professor of English at the University of Nevada, Reno and a columnist for the Reno Gazette, was instrumental in founding Sierra Arts, and was a grant selection committee member for several years.

Applicants submit an application, resume of artistic experience, statement of artistic philosophy, and documentation of work produced in the previous four years. Additional documentation requirements vary according to discipline. Applicants displaying defined plans to create innovative work and pursue education have an increased likelihood of receiving funding.

Professional artists receive $1000 grants; student artists receive $500 grants. Honorable mention artists also receive $500 awards.

2009 Grants recipients:

Visual – Professional
Megan Berner
Corrie Francis
Jennifer Graham
Ahren Hertel
Nick Larsen
John Molezzo
Franz Szony
Rossitza Todorova (honorable mention)
Christopher Umana (honorable mention)

Literary – Professional
Erin Granat (Robert Gorrell Literary Award and honorable mention)
Tami Philips Lehouillier
Scott Lukas
Robert Leonard Reid
Ben Rogers
Karen Terry

Performing – Professional
Chris Bayer
Cece Gable
Louis Pierre Gezelin
Jennie Pitts (honorable mention)

Visual – Student
Andrei Hill
Jane Kenoyer
Kelci McIntosh
Ashley Westwood

Performing – Student
Deanna Said

Literary – Student
Brianna Thompson

[Text and graphic from Sierra Arts website.]

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