Friday, September 04, 2009

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Charleston Heights Art Center

800 South Brush Street
Las Vegas

September 4-November 19, 2009
"Measure Twice, Cut Once"
Brenda Jones

“I make these aprons and garments from manipulated and stitched papers and found materials primarily because of the connections they make with the tradition of hand and home made articles by anonymous women of the past, my grandmother included.” -

more information: 702.229-1012

[text and graphic from City of Las Vegas website. Caption: "Brenda Jones. 'Marriage Dress, used coffee filters, hand and machine stitching.'"

As part of "Recycled Seconds," CCAI's Fall 2009 project focusing on community-based practice, DIY fashion design, sustainability and civic engagement, the CCAI Blog! will feature a range of textiles|fashion projects through the end of the year.]

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