Monday, January 25, 2010

6 Sides 2 Every Story

Western Nevada College
Main Gallery
Bristlecone Building
Carson City Campus
2201 West College Parkway
Carson City

"More than 500 participants* were asked to illustrate their own perspectives by carving one side of a wooden cube. Each cube represents a current story found in a national/international article, internet posting, or magazine. The culminating project includes artists from the United States, Canada, England and South Africa. Within two years, 95 cubes were carved.

'By sharing a cube consisting of the same story, some artists connected with each other in their communities, while others shared one story with strangers in other places,' Nicol said. 'Participants responded to one another’s marks, their visual images and the initial story.'

[text and graphic from College press release.]

* CCAI Executive Director Sharon Rosse is among the 500+ featured artists!

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