Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sierra Arts
Northwest Reno Library Gallery

2325 Robb Drive, Reno

John Molezzo
"Visons of Reno"

"It’s late at night and I’m heading south through town on Virginia Street, maybe I’ll take a right on Second Street and drop by the El Cortez, say “Hi” to Bill Fong, or maybe I’ll keep going and pay my respects to Dorothy at Landrum’s, have a cup of joe and a slice of apple pie. It’s one of those midnight drives where the streets are full of gamblers and dreamers while the neon’s buzzing in reds and blues and yellows and greens. Maybe I’ll stop in at the Mapes, see if ol’ Blue is working the graveyard tonight. Maybe I’ll ride the elevator up to The Sky Room and stare out at the twinkling lights of the Biggest Little City just one more time before I head home."

Through September 2.

[Text and graphic from Sierra Arts website.]

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