Monday, August 09, 2010

Foreclosed at CAC

Contemporary Arts Center
107 E. Charleston Blvd, suite 120
Las Vegas NV 89104

America's #1 Foreclosed City: Las Vegas    
New Work by Emily Kennerk                                            

"Emily Kennerk's installation casts a bright, critical light on the real estate collapse that has transformed our city.  A twenty-two hour-long video projection pays momentary homage to every foreclosed home in the city in 2009.  Photographs appropriated from online images are reproduced on sheer textiles at room-size; the interiors(and houses that surround them) unevenly obfuscated, disintegrating, evaporating.  A powdered graphite rubbing traces the exterior wall of a vacant home and like rubbings of tombstones, Kennerk's act of transference and inscription functions here as both memorial and artifact, conflating distances and uniting surfaces."

Through September 18.

[text and graphic from CAC website. Click on image to enlarge.]

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