Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

Nevada Museum of Art
160 West Liberty Street

August 14, 2010 - October 17:

Chester Arnold
On Earth as It Is in Heaven

"For Chester Arnold, painting is as much about social responsibility as it is about crafting luscious large-scale oil paintings in the tradition of 19th-century European artists. Since he began painting over three decades ago, Arnold has cleverly confronted a range of challenging subjects ranging from land use and environmental issues to the global impacts of human and industrial consumption, accumulation, and waste. The paintings united in this exhibition ask viewers to consider the implications of unchecked economic development and industrialized growth on the natural environment. Often, Arnold's work is infused with a dose of religious or political inflection that generates passionate dialogue about the topics he tackles. "If this is God's will," Arnold once remarked while referring to one of the abused landscapes he depicted on canvas, "something is wrong."


[Text and graphic from Museum website. Click to enlarge.]

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